A Wild Hair

Food and eating issues show up when we fail to have massive self care and forget our soul’s longing.  Here’s a personal story to fuel your creativity.

The plan was hatched while I watched a movie on New Years Eve. I’d been lucky enough to count myself amongst the happiest people on the planet for many years, but over the previous year I’d been less happy. As I watched the movie, I decided my life needed a shake up. I decided a six month sabbatical to far away places with strange sounding names would be just the ticket. Those far away places needed to fulfil a few requirements. First, I wanted to experience places I hadn’t been before. I also wanted Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony to hover over said countries in my astrological travel chart. And perhaps most important I wanted great food – with a focus on lemons and olive oil. I really love lemons and olive oil.   I would need someone with my particular skills to cover my private practice. I also needed to find care for my loveable pooch Louie. I needed to sort out my current living situation and lastly I needed cash, plenty of cash.

Later that evening as I watched fireworks and brought in the New Year with friends I told them my plan. Some were excited. Some were sceptical. I wanted to leave by mid-to -late April. There was a lot to do. The next day dawned brightly and I started the New Year with a walk on the beach. Kylie, a former colleague, who had taken time off from work to have children was also walking on the beach that morning. She was thinking about starting back to work now that her kids were a little older. I shared my plan with her and asked if she was interested. She agreed to cover my leave. I punched the air with glee.

Next I poured over the world map and set my course: Bali, India, Switzerland, Italy, (it was sounding like a mixed up eat pray love at this point), back to Australia, for a few weeks ‘up north’ and then America, to visit the relatives and take a road trip on Highway 101 from Portland to LA before flying home to Sydney.

I talked with my flatmate and decided to move my household items into storage while I was away. I found a trio of caretakers for my dog. Now all I needed was some cash. I’ve travelled a lot and I knew I could budget well but I also wanted to be able to live it up now and then, too. After much deliberation, I decided to sell an investment property. The timing was good. It sold the week I left.

I made friends, made love, hiked, biked, danced and drummed. I learned Reiki and Theta Healing and fine-tuned my intuitive powers. Those far away places gave me six of the best months of my life. Perhaps our craziest plans, those wild hairs we so easily dismiss, give us the best of ourselves. What wild hairs have you dismissed?

This post also appeared in  the September 2017 Edition of Sybil Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Women.