Find Your Happetite eBook


Find Your Happetite eBook for Download

If your eating is no longer easy and natural, or if you have problems with food, eating or weight you have likely lost touch with your true appetite or what I like to call your happetite.

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Find Your Happetite eBook

Find Your Happetite EBOOK

  • Format: PDF
  • File size: 7257 KB
  • 290 pages
  • Your Happetite is about giving you the tools and self awareness to release yourself from the bondage of food, eating and weight issues.

Solve your dieting dilemmas. Find Your Happetite is offered in print, e-book or audio versions.

What you will learn by reading this practical and down-to-earth book:

  • An approach to improving your relationship with food and eating based on your innate wisdom
  • The various types of eating and descriptions of each – and step-by-step learn how to move from disordered eating to conscious choice eating.
  • Why dieting is ineffective and damaging long term. It is a myth perpetuated by the US$60 billion year diet industry that dieting and restricting your food will help you lose weight, feel better and stay healthy.
  • Why weight focus is not only ineffective at producing thinner, healthier bodies, but also has unintended consequences, contributing to food and body preoccupation, cycles of weight loss and regain, reduced self-esteem, eating disorders and other health problems.

Find Your Happetite includes fifty simple activities and experiments to move you from a difficult relationship with food, eating and weight to one that is conscious, accepting and healthful.